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Compton Unified School District

“I am grateful for our hardworking staff and the partnerships that are enabling us to expand our on-campus instruction and provide an environment for students that we know to be most supportive of their education—in person.” – Superintendent Darin Brawley said.

La Honda Pescadero Unified School District / KQED

These self-administered swabs are part of rapid COVID-19 antigen testing, now used by nine school systems across California willing to pilot the twice-weekly testing of all students who have parental permission.

McSwain Union Elementary School District / ABC30

“Testing is a way to allow schools to start safely opening until we can get vaccination really rolling to the degree that it needs to be.”

Ravenswood City School District / ABC7

“So we think we can make those school buildings as safe as conceivably possible which will allow teachers to come back confidently and not be worried about contracting a disease that could theoretically kill them,” said Dr. Anthony Iton, Senior Vice President of the California Endowment, an organization that brings health care to underserved communities.

Planada Elementary District / Merced Sun-Star

For Jose Gonzalez, Planada Elementary School District superintendent, Thursday’s clinic was an important milestone in the mission to bring the virus under control.” writes Andrew Kuhn.

San Mateo County / Univision

Ramon Adave from Univision, sits down with Lynn Silver, SOS Director, to share the importance of safely bringing students back to school with testing.

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